Little Gaynor Lake and Boulder County 

Wild View HOA Position Statement Concerning Little Gaynor Lake and Boulder County 

Little Gaynor Lake has been designated by Boulder County as a Critical Wildlife Habitat  since 1983. Boulder County purchased the lake and surrounding area of 28 acres in 1997  for Open Space preservation, in conjunction with the County’s approval of nearby  housing development that comprises the WildView at Little Gaynor Lake Homeowners  Association (the “Wild View HOA”). The Boulder County Land Use Department’s Boulder  County Comprehensive Plan (amended and updated as of March 21, 2018) continues to  identify “Gaynor Lakes” among 95 recognized Critical Wildlife Habitats in the County.  

More recent changes in irrigation practices at the adjacent Boulder County-managed  farm, coupled with the existing drought have severely impacted the water levels and the  ability to properly aerate Little Gaynor Lake. These changes have likely adversely  affected the lake’s health, as demonstrated by the lack of dissolved oxygen in the water.  Additionally, decreased waterfowl visitations demonstrate that the lake’s ability to serve  as a critical wildlife habitat has significantly degraded.  

The Wild View HOA is engaging with Boulder County to uphold its contractual obligation  with the Wild View HOA to properly maintain Little Gaynor Lake for the purpose of  conserving this unique area of public Open Space for current and future  generations. The WildView HOA expects that proper care of Little Gaynor Lake by  Boulder County is necessary to maintain a healthy lake ecosystem, meet the County’s  contractual commitments concerning proper maintenance of the lake, and warranted to  achieve the County’s own goal of preserving its natural resources including its  designated Critical Wildlife Habitats. This compliance is also in accordance with the  County’s own Mission Statement, namely “to conserve natural, cultural and agricultural  resources and provide public uses which reflect sound resource management and  community values”. 

Boulder County sees itself as a leader and takes pride in being a model for sustainability  and the protection of the environment and wildlife. The Wild View HOA is seeking to hold  Boulder County fully accountable to meet its responsibilities to both Wild View HOA and  the public concerning this important part of Boulder County’s Open Spaces and Critical  Wildlife Habitats.